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Sort order. Aug 14, Andi Rahmat rated it really liked it. May 27, Michael A. The haunted castle case is finished with Anita being the star of it. Then in a blast from the past, Jimmy Kudo solves his first case, becoming the High School Detective, when there is a murder while he is aboard a flight.

Then a wife is killed while her husband is on the phone in the police station, but Conan thinks something is off about that. Finally Harley from Osaka is back to annoy Conan with his funny accent and trying to solve the case first, but he will have to wait til next volume.

Having a look at Shinichi in action is so wonderful! Eher 3,5 Sterne. Ich mochte die Story mit den Kindern im Schloss, als auch die im Flugzeug, weil wir Shinichis ersten Fall erleben konnten. Oct 25, Robin rated it it was amazing Shelves: mbs-mml-manga-manhua-manhwa , 2place , 2review , 5-stars-favs , c-pick-it-for-me. Proper review to follow One Word Rec. That's sacrilege. I have decided to read all the chapters available up to now we are almost to !

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As you can see, I am totally fangirling over here and I don't care, because this is one of my favorite manga series, ever! But all of this aside, there are a few things I wanted to list so I don't need to go back and look everything up when I do finally sit down and write my fangirl review. On the other hand, if you're a fan like me or are looking for a certain case and please note, these are how I have set the cases , etc.

I am going to include the characters introduced or as the series continues are in this volume. If you do, you're not a true fan of this series, so don't even bother reading my review or my personal opinions. I would never waste my money buying a manga series in english that cannot get the name correct and mess up the main characters to make it appear more "ENGLISH.

I also don't think there is anything against reading something online. Plus, I read the newest chapters as soon as they are released from Japan, because I would never miss a release of DC. So this is my personal shout out to you translators from me, Thank You! Relatives described Edgar as "a happy-go-lucky type, good to his family, who never seemed to let anything bother him. However, when the RCMP checked into this, they were unable to find any employers who had hired him. Further raising suspicion, police say Edgar took "next to nothing for clothing" with him on the flight.

While the RCMP found all these points noteworthy, it was the life insurance Edgar bought shortly before boarding that really drew their attention.

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Events leading up to the crash of CP 21 may explain why. Between and , there were three other mass-murder-suicides on planes in which financial troubles and insurance were suspected motives. While buying insurance at the airport may seem strange today, it was not uncommon in Back then, policies were available from agents and even vending machines at airports. Lea Edgar, who now lives in California, was nine years old when her father died in the crash. In a CBC interview for this story, she says she's certain he is not the bomber and points out that there was nothing sinister about the insurance he bought the day of the flight.

And he had me do it because a prize came out, a bundle of papers. Not particularly exciting, but it was kind of a little thing that he had us do. Arntfield, a criminology specialist who works with modern profiling techniques, points out that the behaviour was typical of someone with Edgar's type of personality. This guy's a gambler, he's impulsive by nature," Arntfield says. He adds that a man like Edgar would likely have done a better job of covering his tracks if he were guilty. He would have known that he would have been a primary suspect [due to the insurance purchase], and that it would have imperiled his family getting the money from the life insurance.

Arntfield also says that altruism alone, leaving money for his family, is unlikely to be a sole motivator for a such a serious crime. He feels there would need to be another motive at play. Police were also contacted by someone who claimed to know Edgar "quite well. Ultimately, though, the police determined that there was no evidence that Edgar was in financial trouble. Nothing was ever found. He was probably going there [so] he could get a day job, and in the logging camps they would play cards at night.

You'd make a better living at that than working with your hands. Police say they found no indication that Edgar was suicidal and wrote that, "the only somewhat suspicious circumstances surrounding this person is the amount of life insurance taken out just prior to the flight at Vancouver International Airport. Lea Edgar questions how rigorous the RCMP's investigation was at the crash site, and whether evidence that could have identified the bomber may have been missed.

People who were there to try to help survivors had climbed all over and contaminated the site. Items were moved, changed. Who knows what else was there that was taken? Lea is angry and says the trauma her family suffered from the death of her father was compounded by him being made a suspect. She says her family was also left destitute for years while her mother fought to get the insurance company payout, which they eventually did receive. He was described as a husky man with greying brown hair and blue eyes. A father of five, Koleszar was on his way to a new job when he boarded CP Flight Based on his reputation as an expert "powder man," a term used in the s to describe someone who works with explosives, he had been hired to work on a rock-excavating job near Prince George.

Employers described Koleszar as a "hot tempered type of man," but a fair worker, a good blasting expert and "one of the most careful men they had ever employed in this line of work. A police memo from Dec. The police were certain that a "high velocity explosive" was used to make the CP 21 bomb. Their working theory, based on evidence collected at the scene, was that it was either dynamite or gunpowder, or a combination of both.

You would go buy dynamite, blasting caps, farmers did it all the time. At a safe testing site, Smith also demonstrated how easily a bomb with either ingredient could be rigged up and detonated manually. Both the gunpowder- and dynamite-based bombs were simple to assemble, and both created explosions large enough to do catastrophic damage to a plane. It wouldn't have taken a lot of expertise to do what we did today on a plane," Smith says. Police never did find any physical evidence linking Koleszar to the bomb. As part of their investigation, the RCMP even x-rayed his body to look for metal fragments that might indicate he was close to the blast, but found nothing.

This detail, along with several others about the case, was published in the Vancouver Sun the week following the crash. Sandra was six when her father died in the CP 21 crash. Her mother never shared any details about his death, but she says the loss has always deeply affected her. She adds that what she learned from the newspaper articles during her library research was completely unexpected.

They said our father was a suspect, plus they wrote other things about our father that we did not know he did. They said he had a fight with somebody in , he killed somebody. Koleszar's criminal record was the second thing police noted about him as a suspect. It listed a number of charges including "carnal knowledge," assault, and murder. The latter resulted from a fight with another man that ended when Koleszar "threw him out and down the stairs," causing him to die from a "ruptured heart.

Koleszar was also discharged from the military for misconduct when he was in his 30s, but the reports do not specify why. He told them that Koleszar was generally a healthy man, although he suffered from an inferiority complex. The doctor stated that Koleszar, "was a Ukrainian and when people called him a bohunk he became very upset, and that often resulted in getting into a brawl.

Arntfield used a computer algorithm to compare the CP 21 case to other aircraft disasters, mass murders, suicide bombings and actions by suicidal individuals. There was little about Koleszar that fit the profile of a likely bomber. Arntfield says his age is also a poor statistical match for the type of person who usually commits this type of crime.

Forensic psychologist Michael Woodworth also told CBC that research indicates the age profile of mass murderers is generally in the range of 17 to 34 years old. Broughton was 29 years old and single. He had a good relationship with his family, which included two brothers and one sister.

He "did not care for people who talked too much, and preferred to be by himself," his mother told police. Broughton had been living in Vancouver and taking night courses to improve his education. Following the crash, his sister told police he had been planning his future career and was quite interested in aviation and electronics. He owned a number of firearms and was the armorer of a gun club in Cassiar.

It was this skill with gunpowder that first caught the attention of police. Their interest deepened as the investigation unfolded. Cy died 18 years ago, but before he passed he told his son that the RCMP thought Broughton was most likely the person who set off the bomb.

Cy told his son there was a lot of evidence pointing to Broughton, "but it's all circumstantial. He carries a picture of his wife Bette Davis from her pinup girl days in a Betty Grable poise in a bathing suit. The Davis that Merrill meets is quite a bit different than what Wynn showed the others. In fact Davis when she recites her own story paints a picture of Wynn as a person of real character that you would never suspect in meeting him casually.

This role may have been Keenan Wynn's best screen performance, at least I think so. The writing by Nunnally Johnson from an I. Wylie story is just superb and Jean Negulesco gets great performances from his cast. Phone Call From A Stranger is a soap opera, but an intelligent and moving one that may wring a tear from a few hardened hearts.

Gary Merrill's plane is delayed by weather, and he waits in a small airport terminal with three strangers: Shelley Winters, Michael Rennie, and Keenan Wynn. All four have complex pasts, and, over the course of the night, they become friends and share secrets. A tragic crash leaves only one of the four alive, Gary Merrill, which is no spoiler because the advertising blurb reveals that plot point.

Thus, Gary makes the "Phone Call from a Stranger" to the families of the three friends who died. Although a clever and engaging story device, the disparate stories tidy up a bit too quickly and neatly. However, the cast is entertaining, and the film is engaging throughout its minute running time. Merrill is solid as David Trask, a lawyer with his own issues, who links the stories. Shelley Winters shines as Binky Gay, an entertainer who never quite made the big time and lives in the shadow of her celebrity husband and mother-in-law. Winters's role is showy, and she plays both her character and Trask's enhanced version of her character with panache.

Keenan Wynn is the perpetual clown, who grows tiresome to his friends and eventually to the audience. Beyond the four central characters, even the small parts are big in this film. A young Beatrice Straight plays Michael Rennie's wife; Evelyn Varden is Sally Carr, an aging nightclub headliner; and Bette Davis appears near the end to show her then husband, Merrill, how to face his own character's crisis.

While the film does not merit repeat viewings, except perhaps to appreciate a little known Bette Davis role, the story is told with a good pace, and any time spent in the company of these fine actors is well spent. Four travellers are thrown together by chance when bad weather disrupts their air journey. The travelling salesman, the doctor with the guilty secret, the stripper and the unhappy lawyer form a little party of misfits who somehow achieve cohesion in the watches of the night. After tragedy strikes the 'four musketeers', David Trask the lawyer takes it upon himself to contact the families of the other three - hence the movie's title.

He visits their homes and, using what he has learned about each friend, helps the loved ones towards resolution of their problems. On his final visit, to Marie Hoke, Trask actually gets some assistance with regard to his own troubles. The film's central premise is an unattractive one. Trask invites himself into the homes and the personal lives of strangers in order to betray the confidences of people who have recently died. In so doing, he misleads innocent people and even tells direct lies. However, the story is a compelling one within its own frame of reference, and the warm black and white photography and intimate sets draw the viewer into the film's own special atmosphere.

Bomb on board | CBC News

If portions of the dialogue are inelegant, at least the big stuff is done well. Each tale told in flashback matches the personality of the teller, Doctor Fortness's being painfully honest and illusion-free, Sally Carr's being overly dramatic and anodyne, and so forth. Information is imparted to the viewer with slick efficiency, as for example in the opening passage when Trask walks away from his own front door and barks at the cabbie, "Airport. The film contains some good visual effects. Flashbacks are signalled by fades involving freeze-frame negative images, a method which may well be unique to this movie.

The cascade of depressingly-similar motel signs tells us better than words ever could how sordid and humdrum the elopement must have been. In this ensemble piece, all the actors are impressive. Bette Davis commands attention as only she can, though this time without any emotional pyrotechnics. The really outstanding performance is that of Keenan Wynn as Eddie Hoke, the vulgar but irrepressibly cheerful salesman. Eddie is all shallow bonhomie, but beneath the patter beats a heart of gold. Unusually for its period, "Stranger" deals candidly with marital infidelity.

Both Trask and Marie are coming to terms with the impact of extramarital affairs, and we see 'the woman taken in adultery' from a variety of vantage points. Some elements do not sit comfortably, but this is largely because half a century has passed since the making of the film. That it should take two days to fly from Iowa to Los Angeles, even in bad weather, is a function of pre-jet age technology and nothing else.

The plane so obviously a studio model landing with an enormous flip of its tail is ludicrous to a modern viewer, but would not have raised many eyebrows in If a modern audience would find the incidental music heavy-handed, we have to allow for the conventions of the period. However, one flaw that cannot be explained away is Trask's bizarre self-appointed mission. He lies to the Fortness boy about Jerry's father's motives, and strings the Carrs along shamelessly, concealing Binky's fate from them, before inventing a wholly false account of an audition which never happened.

This inexplicable behaviour weakens an otherwise attractive film - in my view, irreparably. Has Its Moments dougdoepke 6 March An airliner crashes, and we learn through the eyes of a good Samaritan survivor about the private lives of three of the victims. No movie with that great floozie Shelley Winters is worth missing. If you haven't seen her during her attractive slender years, she's on great display here, brassy cheapness and all. The movie's really more of a human interest drama than a soap opera.

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  2. Airmen, aircraft set up in Turkey to support recovery ops in Syria, Iraq;
  3. A Man Found Love.
  4. It may be pretty talky, but fortunately the narrative seldom drags. Then too, those early scenes in the storm-tossed airliner are real nail-biters. But then the movie settles into what else— phone calls from a stranger. Merrill is fine as David Trask who manages to help the bereaved while learning a few things himself. For a principal player, Merrill certainly had a different non-Hollywood look, which I guess is why he was cast in the ordinary guy part. And how about that flashback through mean old lady Carr's Varden imagination where she's dressed like a sainted madonna.

    It's an unexpected bit of visual irony, thanks to someone in production. Then there's Keenan Wynn acting a lot like his clownish dad, Ed Wynn. But, as we learn, his Eddie Hoke is a clown with a heart. Also, I'm guessing headliner Davis accepted what amounts to a cameo part as a favor to her then real life husband, Merrill. Still she manages to fit right in with a non-showy performance. Of course, I can't look at the angular Rennie without thinking, "Klaatu barada, nikto". After all, this is only a year after he and his one-eyed robot froze the Earth in place in that great sci-fi classic The Day The Earth Stood Still Anyhow, ace studio director Negulesco puts it all together without letting the tragic material get too weepy.

    Four strangers on a plane meet, reluctantly bond, yet are doomed by destiny. The survivor of the plane crash that kills three of them steps in to reach out to their survivors, realizing the next step in his own future thanks to the lessons he learned along the way. Gary Merrill stars as the embittered lawyer who has left his wife for mysterious reasons, with Shelley Winters, Michael Rennie and Keenan Wynn the three people of different lives who encounter him and let him in on their lives. Rennie seeks legal help for a drunken car accident which killed a colleague; Winters is a failed Broadway musical comedy performer with a vindictive mother-in-law and weak husband; Wynn is an obnoxious and overly jokey salesman who brags about his wonderful sex-pot wife.

    The truths about them are revealed in different moods that range from touching to comical to a truth revealing final that shows what is on the surface isn't always whats in the heart. Evelyn Varden, best remembered for her character parts in "Pinky" and "The Bad Seed", is truly a monster as the Sophie Tucker like vaudevillian, once a Palace headliner, who resents daughter-in-law Winters and presents herself as an angel while the truth is the complete opposite.

    Taking on a really noble small role, Bette Davis is touching as Wynn's widow who reveals her own sins while learning the truth about her husband's inner character that is hidden by his outward brashness. The flashback scene between Varden and Winters with Varden clad as if she was the Maharenee from "The Rain's Came" is presented comically with Winters a gum-chewing tramp made to appear crass. It is funny to see the truth really come out as Merrill tells Varden a hysterical lie that ends up exposing her for the crude witch she is in her son's eyes.

    Rennie's storyline involves a wife who stood by him yet became emotionally distant afterwards, having had to lie to save him from further alcoholic degradation, and deals with a teenaged son who totally misinterpreted the entire situation between his parents. Merrill's participation in the lives of these widowed people may at first seem intrusive, but he ends up giving a Mr.

    Jordan like assistance to the survivors to help fast forward these people past their grief while using his survival from the crash as a lesson to move on. It is this lesson which helps this multi-tiered story become an enjoyable drama that is both enlightening and entertaining. It's more of an ensemble piece, with good performances all around, but especially by the three Oscar-winning actresses, who play different sorts of wives. Bette Davis gives a restrained and touching performance as a paraplegic widow who tells the story of how her devoted husband took her back despite her unfaithfulness prior to her accident.

    Beatrice Straight, in her first movie role, is convincing in her straightforward haha role of a woman who has just lost her husband and might also be losing her child. Shelley Winters, because of whom I had bought this movie, brings her real-life bubbliness I've read her autobiography to her role of a wife who was returning to her husband after trying and failing at a showbiz career. She has a fun fantasy sequence that shows off her bouncy side, but more importantly, she also gets to reveal her vulnerable side when she wonders if her husband will take her back.

    Phone Call might've been planned to be a tear-jerker, but I feel its story - though entertaining - doesn't quite reach either melodrama or genuine poignancy, so it's more of a showcase of stars, especially if you're a Davis or Winters fan. Jeannot 2 July A run-of-the-mill melodrama, redeemed by Bette Davis' stunning five-minute "bedroom" scene. Her accident, plus Keenan Wynn's love, makes her a very wise woman. Her characteristic forcefully enunciated speech pattern has never been put to better use.

    Her situation is somewhat parallel to that of Merrill's wife, and her statement on what true love is, is the catalyst that prods Merrill to call his wife and tell her he's coming home. And maybe her statement that only a few very strong men could do what Wynn had done for her. Co-written by the talented writer Nunnally Johnson, "Phone Call from a Stranger" attempts to make a statement about the human condition by intertwining the lives of four travelers who meet randomly via a flight to Los Angeles on, if you can believe, Grand Canyon Airlines.

    Unfortunately Johnson and his co-writer, I. Four passengers visit with one another as their flight is delayed because of inclement weather. One, Eddie Hoke Keenan Wynn , is a prankster who travels for a novelty company. Another, Binky Gay Shelley Winters , is a stripper with a winning personality.

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    Then there's a physician, Dr. Robert Fortness Michael Rennie , who has a horrible secret he hides. The fourth is a lawyer, David L. Trask Gary Merrill , who has walked out on his wife following her confession that she has just ended an affair. Good-time Eddie calls the circle of acquaintances, the Four Musketeers.

    The names and addresses of the four are written down by the group in case something unforeseen happens in flight.

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    The four companions become very talkative about their lives. Binky is somewhat of a character analyst and proceeds to dissect each member of the troupe. Eddie surprises everyone by passing around a picture of his gorgeous wife. Being somewhat of a plain-looking buffoon with an obnoxious personality, Eddie catches their attention with the photograph. In private Dr. Fortness informs Trask of his situation, hiring Trask to be his attorney. Not wanting to give away the twists and turns of the story for those who watch "Phone Call from a Stranger" for the first time, just let me say that the lives are explored in more detail as a result of what happens to the four while in route to Los Angeles.

    There is some clever humor along the way provided by Binky's family.