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Funeral of Hiram Cronk. The Electric Hotel. Juanito el forzudo. The Kleptomaniac. The Little Train Robbery. Plaza de la Magdalena. Reuben in the Opium Joint. Torrero y la ribera. The Wooing and Wedding of a Coon. Branden i Frihavnen. Dream of a Racetrack Fiend. Dream of a Rarebit Fiend. Proklamationen af Kong Frederik d.

The Haunted Hotel. Kathleen Mavourneen. The Life of a Cowboy. Angelo, Tyrant of Padua. Ben Hur. El ciego de la aldea. La dea del mare. Der var engang. The Magic Fountain Pen. Mordet paa Fyn. La muerte del tirano. En ny hat til Madammen. O Rapto de Uma Actriz. Tierra baja. The Ugly Duckling. Yale Laundry. Amor que mata. Antony and Cleopatra. At the French Ball. An Awful Moment.

Balked at the Altar. Betrayed by a Handprint. The Black Viper. The Call of the Wild. The Clubman and the Tramp. Concealing a Burglar. The Devil. Don Juan Tenorio. Don Quijote. Ex-Convict No. The Fatal Hour. The Feud and the Turkey. For Love of Gold. The French Maid. Gerona monumental. The Girl and the Outlaw. El guardia burlado. The Guerrilla. The Heart of O'Yama. The Helping Hand. Ingomar, the Barbarian.

The Ingrate. The Kentuckian. The Life of an American Cowboy. The Man and the Woman. The Man in the Box. Maria Marten. The Merchant of Venice. Money Mad. The Outlaw. The Reckoning. The Red Girl. The Red Man and the Child. Richard III. The Roman. The Romance of an Egg. Romeo and Juliet. The Dream of an Opium Fiend. Knight of Black Art. The Yellow Peril. Amor heroico. At the Altar. The Awakening. The Child Benefactor. El barranco del lobo. The Better Way.

The Blind Man. El blocao Velarde. La bocana de Mar Chica. The Brahma Diamond.

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The Broken Locket. The Burglar and the Child. A Change of Heart. The Cord of Life. A Corner in Wheat. The Country Doctor. The Cricket on the Hearth. A Cultura do Cacau. The Curtain Pole. The Day After. De Garraf a Barcelona. The Death of Ivan the Terrible. The Deception. Don Juan heiratet. Incident from Don Quixote. The Drive for a Life. Edgar Allan Poe. Eloping with Auntie. Eradicating Aunty. The Expiation. A Fair Exchange. The Foundling. The French Duel. The Friend of the Family. Getting Even. Den graa dame. Grevinde X.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. The Heart of a Clown. The Heart of a Cowboy. The Heart of an Outlaw. Cycle Rider and the Witch. Her Indian Hero. The Hindoo Dagger. I Did It. In Little Italy. In Old Kentucky. In a Hempen Bag. The Indian Trailer. The Jilt. El joyero. Kinemacolor Puzzle. King Lear. Der kleine Detektiv. En kvinde af folket. The Light That Came. The Little Darling. The Little Teacher. Locura de amor. The Lonely Villa. Lucky Jim. The Lure of the Gown. The Maniac Cook.

The Medicine Bottle. Melilla y el Gurugu. The Mended Lute. A Midnight Adventure. The Mill. The Necklace. A New Trick. Oh, Uncle! De onde veje. One Touch of Nature. Only a Tramp. The Open Gate. Portrait of Mireille. The Prince and the Pauper. The Renunciation. The Road to the Heart.

A Rural Elopement. O Terremoto de Benavente. They Would Elope. De to guldgravere. Toma del Gurugu. Tragedia torera. Tragic Love. The Trick That Failed. Two Women and a Man. La vida en el campamento. The Violin Maker of Cremona. The Voice of the Violin. Wanted, a Child. The Way of Man. The Welcome Burglar. What Drink Did. The Winning Coat. With Her Card. Within an Ace. The Wooden Leg. A Wreath in Time. The Wrong Coat. The Affair of an Egg. All on Account of the Milk. Amateur Night. Amor gitano. An Arcadian Maid. The Red Inn. A Rough Night on the Bridge. Baixant de la font del Gat.

The Bearded Bandit. The Blue Bird. Briton and Boer. The Broken Doll. The Bully. The Butterfly. By Order of Napoleon. The Call. The Child and the Fiddler. A Child of the Ghetto. The Common Enemy. The Connecticut Yankee. Corrida da Rampa. Cretinetti e le donne. The Crime of a Grandfather.

The Dancing Girl of Butte. Davy Crockett. A Dixie Mother. Effecting a Cure. The Electrical Vitalizer. The Face at the Window. A Fatal Picnic. The Fence on 'Bar Z' Ranch. The End of Paganini. The Flower of the Ranch.

The Freezing Mixture. From Tyranny to Liberty. The Fugitive. Gentleman Joe. The Girl and the Fugitive. The Girl from Arizona. The Girl on Triple X. A Gold Necklace. Her Photograph. Her Terrible Ordeal. The Hoodoo. The Impalement. In Old California. John Dough and the Cherub. Juggling on the Brain. A Knot in the Plot. Copenhagen by Night.

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The Lady and the Burglar. The Land of Oz.

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The Little Orphan. The Long Trail. Luck of Roaring Camp. A Lucky Toothache. A Mad Infatuation. The Maid of Niagara. The Man. La manta del caballo. The Marked Time-Table. The Marked Trail. May and December. Il mercante di Venezia. A Midnight Cupid. The Cowboy Millionaire. The Millionaire and the Ranch Girl. The Modern Prodigal. Never Again. The New Magdalene. A Night in May.

The Oath and the Man. The Old Hat. On the Reef. One Night, and Then Our Darling. The Phoenix. El pobre Valbuena. Un portero modelo. Pride of the Range. The Purgation.

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Re Lear. En rekrut fra Ribera del Llobregat. A Rich Revenge. The Rocky Road. Take Me Out to the Ball Game. That Chink at Golden Gulch. Through Fire to Fortune. The Truth Will Out. Unexpected Help. The Unknown Claim. Up a Tree. The Vampire.

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A Vein of Gold. Waiter No. The Way of the World. When We Called the Plumber In. Hvem er hun? Wilful Peggy. The Woman Hater. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Adopted Child. The Aeroplane Inventor! After the Ball. Amor fatal. Arizona Bill. Artful Kate. At a Quarter of Two. At the Break of Dawn. The Awakening of John Bond. Back to the Primitive. The Baron. The Battle of Bunker Hill. The Battle of Trafalgar. The Battle.

The Black Arrow. The Blackmailer. Die Blinde. Bobby, the Coward. Bondefangeri i Vaterland. The Border Ranger.

A Boy of the Revolution. The Brand. Branding a Bad Man. Buffalo Bill on the Brain. The Bunco Game at Lizardhead. The Revenge of a Kinematograph Cameraman. Carmenita the Faithful. Cain and Abel. The Corporation and the Ranch Girl. A Country Cupid. The Courting of Mary. The Cowboy Coward. The Cowboy and the Lady.

The Crooked Road. A Cure for Crime. Dan the Dandy. De Gerona a Olot en ferrocarril. The Death of Nathan Hale. The Declaration of Independence. Le devoir et l'honneur. A Devoted Friend. La digue. The Diving Girl. The Doctor. Don Pedro el Cruel. The Dream. Dutch Gold Mine. Enoch Arden: Part I. Enoch Arden: Part II. Eugene Wrayburn. The Failure. The Faithful Indian. The Fall of Babylon. Den farlige leg.

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The Fatal Wedding. Feria de ganado en Villarrodona. Fighting Blood. The Flower Girl of Florence. For the Crown. Forgiven in Death. Foul Play. Freezing Auntie. Der fremde Vogel. A French Duel. Friday the 13th. From Factory Girl to Prima Donna. A Frontier Doctor. The Geranium. Get Rich Quick. The Girl and the Motor Boat. A Good Turn.

The Gordian Knot. The Gun Man. Helping Him Out. Henry VIII. Her Awakening. Her Crowning Glory. Her Hero. Her Wedding Ring. The Hidden Mine. The Hidden Trail. The Highlander. Honor Thy Father. The Great Moment. The Immortal Alamo. In Old Madrid. In the Reign of Terror.

An International Heart Breaker. The Italian Barber. Italian Blood. The King of Indigo. A Knight of the Road. The Law of the Range. The Leading Lady. Little Lady Lafayette. The Living Peach. The Lonedale Operator. The Long Road. Ludwig from Germany. The Manicure Lady. Only in the Way. The Primal Call. The Reform Candidate. The Two-Gun Man. What a Woman Can Do. Why He Gave Up. The Agitator. All for Her. Queen Elizabeth. Poor Jenny. The Ball Player and the Bandit.

The Battle of the Red Men. Billy and the Butler. The Brave Hunter.

A Brave Little Woman. Broncho Billy Outwitted. Children Who Labor. A Clue to Her Parentage. The Crime and the Criminal. A Cry for Help. The Cry of the Children. Diamond Cut Diamond. Jekyll and Mr. The Driver of the Deadwood Coach. The Duel. The Dumb Wooing. Entente cordiale. The Eternal Mother. A Family Mixup. The God Within. Gold and Glitter. The Dragonfly and the Ant. Greater Wealth. The Heart of an Indian. The Illumination. In the Elemental World. The Informer. Kentucky Girl. The Laurel Wreath of Fame. Life of Villa.

The Magic Wand. The Mail Order Wife. La mort du duc d'Enghien. My Baby. The New York Hat. The Old Actor. The Painted Lady. Madame DuBarry. A Prize Package. The Raven. Independenta Romaniei. Robin Hood. The Telephone Girl. A Temporary Truce. The Totville Eye. A True Briton. The Vengeance of Edgard Poe. The Water Nymph. What Happened to Mary. The Wood Violet. Zweimal gelebt. The Abandoned Well. Der Andere.

At Twelve O'Clock. Baby Day. Balaoo the Demon Baboon. A Bandit. The Bangville Police. The Battle of Who Run. The Bowling Match. The Champion. The Deacon Outwitted. A Doctored Affair. A Double Wedding. During the Round-Up. Eighty Million Women Want -? The Elder Brother. The Fatal Taxicab. The Film Primadonna. The Flight of the Crow. Foiling Fickle Father. For the Love of Mabel. The Foreman of the Jury. A Game of Poker.

The Golden Wedding. The Grand Military Parade. The Gratitude of Wanda. The Great Gold Robbery. The Greater Influence. The Green Eye of the Yellow God. The Hand of Providence. The Hat. The Hateful God. He Would a Hunting Go. Her Innocent Marriage. Her Lady Friend.

Her New Beau. The Hero of Little Italy. Heroic Harold. A Hidden Love. El hijo del mar. The Hindoo Charm. The Honorable Algernon. Hoodman Blind. A Hopi Legend. An Hour Before Dawn. An Hour of Terror. How Hiram Won Out. How It Happened. The Hunchback. I'm No Counterfeiter. Die ideale Gattin. The Idler. If We Only Knew. In Convict Garb. In Love and War. In a Roman Garden. In the Long Ago.

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