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Obtaining her power for their own, means that Darkness can use her themselves, or kill her if she's uncooperative. As to the second purpose of Riley's abduction, that's a mystery that Krystin hopes to whichever gods matter that she's wrong in what she thinks. When Krystin was assigned to Ben's circle it could become the very worst, or the very best of outcomes, depending on how the cookie crumbles. From her perspective there's doubts. The combined experience of all three circle members she's to be assigned to is only equal to roughly three-quarters her own.

The danger doesn't stop there. Riley is tied to Lady Azar's intentions for the fast approaching All Hallows' Eve, an important once a year occurrence in the world of magic. The coincidences mounting in the world around them and especially in the very connections that connect them to this exact team itself, are damming at best and dangerous at worst. Trust will erode in a team of people where it has yet had time to form.

The demons may not need to act at all, this team has the makings to do all the work themselves. Keeping Krystin alive and out of Lady Azar's hands, and recovering Riley from the demons of Darkness before All Hallows' Eve, are integral to stopping shockwaves that will ripple through their world and into others. Like Ben, Krystin lives for killing demons. The only thing with as much deadly potential as Krystin with a blade, is the wrath of a father who lost everything; two fighters with nothing else that matters and the willingness to sacrifice their lives in the fight against demons.

So whilst the hunter circles have two key players in their midst, they're jeopardised by the pawn being used to manipulate them. Whatever they'll do must be done before the fast approaching celebrations reach them. The meaningful nature of the action that took place in the former is expanded sweetly by the latter. That fast paced reasoning and narrative couldn't be made any more salient if it tried. The twist on what was already there is delicious and offers much more expectations.

This is all gathered by the simple combination of reading the prequel and the blurb, anticipations being strongly evoked. Even still, had you not read the prior story, then the wicked cover art combined with the blurb should be more than enough to bring readers in. The Hunted is yet a further example of the artistic trends seeing UF shelves, among certain others, but not nearly as much, as becoming extremely successful artistic covers in printed or electronic libraries.

Whilst picking up a fair distance past where the prequel finished, continuing the critical aspects in doing so, so much more has started to shape it. Sure it continues with the same feverish pace, but now it feels so much more involved. The complexities and content are greater, so too the focus upon new members of the cast. Krystin Blackwood's addition, especially since she now governs an extra point of view, has revolutionised the importance of magic as it is theorised herein.

It takes a more Wiccan or Arcane model, one focused primarily around elemental aspects. The arcane supplement creates a significant focus on that elusive fifth element, that herein is separated and incompatible with the standard four elements of fire, water, air and earth. The rich history is now more important and well explored. This also increases the importance of balance, and magic's inherently neutral existence; neither good nor evil, dark or light, neutral until a user shapes it.

This works well in both meeting expectations whilst being used in unique ways. A somewhat for a similar example of this lore see Christine Garner's The Gateway Trilogy unique strength of the series now brought more directly into light and focus, is the technical aspects of what turns people with magic into demons.

The demons are in a sense avatars of an immortal Darkness, that which taints the magic and mind of the respective people, turning them into demons. Whilst the series hasn't ruled out alternate dimensions it has negated an absolute reliance on portals and gateways permitting the actual cause of the creation of demons in this world from crossing over. We are well aware of ceremonial invocation of demon spirits which may or may not be voluntary, but falling prey to evil's influence as imagined herein and the aforementioned example, is a much less frequent means.

The mechanism is also in a sense the biggest reason why the forces of the Darkness are all individually endowed with magic, whereas hunter circles include fighters completely reliant on physical skill and weapons to be able to kill the demons. That is, they have no magic of their own. As the Darkness targets only those with magic and the hunter circles must recruit from a position of anonymity, the latter's forces need fighters without magic to fill out their ranks, so it's lucky that demons aren't easy to create.

The very real tenuous nature of the magical strength of the circles was portrayed absolutely in the storyline of the prequel: had the lightning not struck the boat Ben and Rachel were in, then neither would've known of their magic which arguably could be a preferred option. With unique constructions of existing ideas for readers who know the lore relative to the reconstruction, it's always nice to find new spins on what you take for granted.

It has that special sentiment of showing that the limits of thinking truly are only ever equal to the limits of imagination. The addition and changing of point of view, especially when it reshapes assumptions characters have or are making, adds to the story when done well; as is the case in question. In another case of how something can be used, at the risk of seeming to be too focused on real world applications, such changes provoke you into thinking about the ways we perceive and indicate intentions or beliefs. It's all too easy to just expect that what we do and say are taken in complete consensus; unfortunately, as seen in books with alternating point of views, this is a faulty presumption.

The clash of personalities is a nice touch, and works well in creating dynamics and mood. Kyrstin almost steals the show, and may well do in future books. Had Ben's experience not been the first one exposed through the prequel, I expect it'd be easy to place your focus in just Krystin. I don't know if Jessica deliberated over who to introduce when, or if there was a toss up between Ben's and Krystin's origin preludes; but in any case I think the road taken worked well.

It even could be Nate who provides fertile grounds for a companion story as well. The tales he speaks of regarding his history offer a possible paradigm for pitting western versus eastern positions on magic practice. If Jessica was looking at such things, that is hint, hint. After offering it some thought I cannot bring to mind any aspects I'd consider detrimental. Furthermore, a couple of my residual doubts after reading the prequel are now resolved and handled well, a noteworthy aspect indeed. This was easily as interesting and entertaining as other five star books I've enjoyed, so it's remiss to fail to rate this accordingly.

Get stuck into both books, the only feasible doubts I could imagine being had by the harshest of raters might be length; but between the free download and the added length it offers, and a miniscule price outlay, then you'd have to be a scrouge or miser to hold such an opinion. Oct 27, Katherine Paschal rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , suspense , witches , supernatural , urban-fantasy , audiobook. I purchased an ecopy as soon as it was first available but had not gotten the chance to read it yet and when I was offered the opportunity to listen to the audiobook I jumped at it.

Just for some reason I found my thoughts drifting while I was listening multiple times and had to re-listen to a good chunk of the book. I think I may have enjoyed the story more if I had read my ebook instead of listening. This was a super fast listen though, easy to get through in just a few sittings.

The world building was great, so detailed and interesting, an underlying demon problem that is being fought right under the unsuspecting human's eyes. Ooh, and the prophecy of the chosen one It was so complicated I could not help but be interested in the turns and twists of the story and I have so many questions. What a great way to hook a reader into needing the next book!

Kristen and Ben are the two main characters, switching between narration and view points as the story went on so we get to see inside the minds of both characters. I did not really care for Ben as a character overall and would love to have him not be the love interest for Kristen, who seems really cool, powerful, mischievous when bored, at times very insightful, and always interesting.

He was a little one-note feeling, all impulse and brawn with very little thought, to me at least but maybe his character will develop later on in the series. I can't wait to learn about Shawn! This was not a big point to the story but I kept thinking about the timeline predominantly since Ben literally kept bringing it up Ben's son Riley just turned 2, but he was kidnapped 2 and a half years ago when all the magical craziness entered Ben's life But it also mentions that she told him she was pregnant and asked if he wanted to be together while he was still normal in college, which is when I assume they got married, and I know the baby was kidnapped within the first few weeks of his life Can someone please provide me with a timeline because I am way too hyper focused on this useless detail like a crazy?

But in my defense it is hard to overlook when Ben mentions it every chance he gets.

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The ending left lots of doors open so I would like to come back and see where the next battle will take the team. I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Jessica Gunn. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


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Oct 30, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , audiobook , 4review , fantasy , female-lead , contemporary. This was a quick little read and a fun urban fantasy story. It was easy to get into the plot and the characters. Ben has his own personal quest to find his son, Riley, who was stolen as a baby. Krystin is full of impertinence, which I usually like, but it felt like This was a quick little read and a fun urban fantasy story.

Krystin is full of impertinence, which I usually like, but it felt like it was her only character trait. I would have liked a little more depth in her character. It was a little mystery for Krystin to unravel. These are worthy foes who hit below the belt. Krystin and her team have their hands full. Sometimes I really liked Ben and sometimes I felt he was a bad team leader. Also, he sometimes gets tunnel vision and puts the entire team in danger. He puts his foot down at harming a young demon at one point and I felt that was the right thing to do. The story moves at a quick pace and with the simple plot and basic characters, that worked well.

This is a fun bit of brain candy. The story leaves us with a small win for the team but also with an open end for Book 2 to slide right into. Overall, 3. Her voice for Krystin sounds more like a 16 year old instead of a 24 year old. Her male character voices need masculinity. There were a few repeated phrases in the recording and the volume fluctuated a bit. Condon did have really good little kid voices.

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  • The pacing was good. Oct 30, Lauren Jones rated it liked it. Witches and Hunters are in the same circles. The magic running through their veins may not be pure, but they have the choice to either protect or destroy lives.

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    Demons run amuck and something is brewing right inside the city, but no one knows where the main group lies…and no one can get close enough to find out without ever having a chance of escape. Gunn has a power-charged novel, filled with action and paranormal elements. She d Witches and Hunters are in the same circles. They were always making assumptions about her life from the time that she was young until now.

    Always moving her around, talking about fulfilling a prophecy that she was destined for. When she meets Ben, the need to control his powers overcomes her sensibilities about keeping the team safe. They run everything. Gunn has an interesting story, but it lacks a bit of originality and it predictable. The story seems to flow well; however, the characters are a bit underdeveloped. Condon has a very strong female voice, although she appears to have some trouble with character differentiation. It may not be the best for this type of story. If you are a reader of YA Paranormal, you may want to give this story a try.

    The Hunted

    It is the first book in the Hunter Circles Series; therefore, readers are able to dive right in. An audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a three-star rating to The Hunted by Jessica Gunn. Aug 06, K. Lincoln rated it really liked it. I was provided an eArc in exchange for an honest review. The other half of the duo is introduced in this novel-- Krystin Blackwood, a witch who is also a Hunter. The novel brings out a bunch of layered plot and world building that the prequel lacked a bit, so I found myself a bit more drawn into the story.

    Krystin I was provided an eArc in exchange for an honest review. Krystin and Ben have the potential for a really great dynamic. He's more Beta hero but with a lightening-fueled temper, and Krystin is more no-nonsense and practical with a hero streak. But there's a point in the story where Ben makes a really, really, really stupid decision that every other single character warns him against And while Krystin was able to forgive him, as a reader, it was hard for me.

    It felt a bit unreal, and that's where some frustrations with the story arose for me. I also wanted more time with bad-boy Giyano because his appearances were the most interesting and tantalizing in terms of clues of a deeper story going on scenes. The magik system here was also a bit vague for me at times they are elementals confined to using their element but can teleport?

    I'm thinking that since this is a first book, some of the vague stuff might be fleshed out more in later books. It ends with nothing resolved, so it's a true first book in that sense not really a stand alone and actually the story ups the stakes with hints about demon plots and Krystin's ultimate prophesied fate.

    Oct 19, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook-challenge , audio , review-copy-other. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

    Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

    The Hunted is a new paranormal urban fantasy story kicking off a series full of action, fast-paced scenes, and lots of angst. We have witches and demon hunters, and of course demons, but also additional magical powers. We have a cast of young hunters who each have a particular demon on their hit-list, for various reasons. And for good reason- Giyano is a pare 3. And for good reason- Giyano is a parent-killing, son-kidnapping type of demon. But there is more than meets the eye with him. Our main character duo - yep this is an alternating POV book - both have a backstory.

    Krystin is of the Blackwood line, and is prophesized to be "the one" and Ben's son was kidnapped as a baby and he's fighting to get him back before he is used as a pawn for evil darkness. Sometimes it feels like there is a lot going on, but it happens so quickly. The book is full of fight scenes, ambushes, and angst. While we understand our main characters' motivations, I feel like there's more that we're not told yet.

    More depth that maybe the future books in the series will deliver. This is the type of book that would make a fabulous episode arch in TV shows like Supernatural. Though my boys would have ended things differently I tell you, the sort of cliffhanger makes it so future books are possible.

    It definitely had a "battle's done and we kinda won" feel to it thanks Buffy but it wasn't fully satisfying because of the challenges and difficult decisions. As for the narration, it was quite good! I will say I sometimes had a difficult time remembering who was narrating that chapter if I came back to it in the middle. But otherwise the narrator did a great job with the fast-paced action and the emotional angst felt by our characters and was pleasant to listen to.

    Jul 09, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: review-books , ones-i-have , paranormal , contemporary , fantasy. The blurb for this book leads you to believe that the story will be entirely from the point of view of Krystin Blackwood, long-time Hunter of the Fire Circle. Instead, it has an alternating POV, switching back and forth from Krystin and Ben Hallen, the Team Leader for their newly created little band of demon-hunters. The story starts right up, with Krystin, assigned to join the team, racing across town to help them in a battle against a powerful demon The world the author creates is quite fascinating, full of magik, demons, witches, and the like It was all rather confusing.

    Although I am hopeful that this will be remedied in future installments. I look forward to reading future editions to discover whether they prove as meaningful as it seems they might. I received a free eBook copy of this novel from the author, and have willingly provided an honest review. Jun 11, Megan Murphy rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-paranormal , witchy-woman , books-i-won , did-you-say-free. The Hunted leaves off a couple years after the pre-qual novella The Hunter. As this newly formed team learns how to fight together, they also realize that they all have something in common.

    Then enters one of my favorite "bad" guys, you'll know when you read the book. So without spoilers I can tell you this is an action packed paranormal book not The Hunted leaves off a couple years after the pre-qual novella The Hunter. So without spoilers I can tell you this is an action packed paranormal book not just for young adults. No sexual content, some cursing, but loads of history and culture the author put into this new world she created.

    Don't worry it's easy to follow. A book leaving your wanting more and more. Definitely a book I would recommend!

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    • We are introduced to more characters who are not one sided. I can't wait to get to know them more through this series. So what are you waiting for. Stop trailing the reviews and pick up your copy now, you WON'T regret it. Jun 24, B. Sinsational rated it it was amazing Shelves: supernatural-fantasy , mythical-creatures , modern. Top notch, highly mesmerizing, fantastic book! It has it all, from multi faceted characters you empathize with, to a dialogue that is intriguing not just the plot but the dialogue is clever and interesting.

      And even more of that divine stuffing is put in here in the form of a intrigue that one can identify with, actions and events, twists and unexpected turns, and so much more. It was impossible to put the book down, I skipped mid summer celebration because I wanted to know what was going to h Top notch, highly mesmerizing, fantastic book!

      It was impossible to put the book down, I skipped mid summer celebration because I wanted to know what was going to happen. That is how good this book is.! Its highly impressive when an Author create a book of this caliber, to see how they weave a tale that is so outstanding that it keeps your full attention no matter what. My opinion and unbiased review is a matter of integrity. I was given this book as an ARC, in exchange for a impartial opinion. This does not change, impair, steer or in any way change what my opinion or reviews says Jun 23, Leslie Sanchez rated it it was amazing.

      We met Ben in the prequel, free to newsletter subscribers, and have the background on our characters fight. Ben does not really play well with others and runs into situations without thinking them through beforehand. He is the leader of a newly formed group of Hunters working to get his son back from the demons that kidnapped him 5 years earlier. Krystin has been taught to be a Hunter since she can remember. However, she is special and allowed a certain amount of leeway along with her ability to We met Ben in the prequel, free to newsletter subscribers, and have the background on our characters fight.

      However, she is special and allowed a certain amount of leeway along with her ability to work alone. She is ordered to work with Ben's group in the upcoming major conflict with the demons. She also doesn't play well with others. This story addresses the group as a whole and their ability or inability to work together to defeat the demons and recover Ben's son. Nov 05, T. I downloaded The Hunted as a free book from Amazon. While this story had lots of potential, inconsistencies ruin an otherwise decent read. I was constantly flipping back to check and recheck the age of the kidnapped Riley a few weeks old because two and a half years later, Ben wouldn't recognize his child's scream newborns are WAY different than toddlers , nor would his child recognize him.

      Also, Ben was a hotheaded, jerk who should never have been put in charge of a team.

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      I disliked Ben's character and had a hard time understanding why anyone would follow such an impulsive, compulsive jerk into obvious traps. Some readers make like this, but for me it was a total fail. Oct 31, The Book Junkie Reads. Intense action. Dual POV. Intriguing characters. Sort of yes. That to me felt like it would be left up to the person that was listening to the narration. There were some resolutions, but was it conclusive. Logan successfully makes it past them. After Logan regroups with Keegan and Elias and rescue Merrick and Hesh, they proceed to a rally point to be rescued and taken to the U.

      On the way, they move past countless patrols, keep hidden, and witness a missile launch. Once they make it to the rally point, two friendly river boats approach with Riley riding on one of them. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. P in the plane, at the start only. Honey Badger. Vector CRB Silenced. Categories :. Cancel Save.