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Will tells the story to the three other kids about the bank robbers that were caught in town on his 9th birthday and the money was never found. While the children go back in the castle to look for a braclet one of the girls lost. They find the two escaped prisoners who came back to retrieve thier stolen money. I liked the story and would like to read more longer stories in the series. This one was really short one that I got free on Smashwords.

I will read more books by Paul Moxham in the future. This was an adventure with lots of action for a short story. A very fun and exciting adventure! The first one I finished reading was - also enjoyed it! The book is set in the s and contains timeless things like helping people. There's danger and having fun exploring the cool castle ruins.

The helping people, being nice, family and friends, bravery, never-give-up attitude, doing the right thing, all those things are very relevant to me as a A very fun and exciting adventure! The helping people, being nice, family and friends, bravery, never-give-up attitude, doing the right thing, all those things are very relevant to me as a 21st century reader as I read the story and enjoyed it. Those are things that are always important. Castles are just so cool to explore virtually, whether in a book or a game. Plus, building sandcastles and riding bikes - constant fun.

Excellent short summer read! Or any time. Oct 10, Angela Lambkin rated it it was amazing. If you like a real fast page turner story with mystery and adventures! I enjoyed this mystery and adventures ebook! I found it difficult to set it down even when I had to, so I was able to really finish reading and reviewing this ebook in two evenings! It's a very clean reads ebook that I believe needs a five star eating because of the way the author does such a great job of keeping the reader's attention span going like this.

I would recommend this for say second grade and up.

I received this eb If you like a real fast page turner story with mystery and adventures! I received this ebook for free and here is my honest review in return! Super job Paul! By Angela Jan 29, Anita rated it liked it. Jun 28, Seikaiha rated it liked it. I got it for free, as it often happens at Kindle Store. It's a very short story, and I guess it's mostly a promotional one. I enjoyed it, but not enough to make me think about buying a book of the series. Feb 03, Shabana Mukhtar rated it liked it Shelves: english , crime-mystery-thriller , reads , young-detective.

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It was a short and fun story. It reminded me of the famous 'Famous Five' series.

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It feels good to read such books. But I gotta read the main book where the series actually began. Jan 13, kamaljeetsandhu rated it it was amazing. Favourite book This book is very interesting. I am 10 years old and I really love this series of books. Thanks Paul moxham!! Sep 16, Shirley rated it liked it Shelves: received-for-review. This short story is part of a series written by the author on the adventures of 4 children, who because of their quick thinking and resourcefulness in this book go on to unravel the mystery of the stolen money and capture notorious felons while facing a rocky adventure.

The writing style of the author is simple and compact. The story moves fast, though there were places where I personally felt that a bit more detail and a smoother flow would have made is pleasant. The idea of the preface was ni This short story is part of a series written by the author on the adventures of 4 children, who because of their quick thinking and resourcefulness in this book go on to unravel the mystery of the stolen money and capture notorious felons while facing a rocky adventure.

The idea of the preface was nice but a little more history about the children, woven into the narrative, would have been ideal for a reader like me who is not familiar with the earlier books in the series. I am an Enid Blyton fan and I may have been a bit biased while reading this book. The story reminded me too much of one of her books and I kept making comparisons between the two.

Nevertheless, it is a good attempt by the author and children and adults will surely delight reading it. Good short read to fill in the time between two of the longer novels. It says it's a good stand-alone read, but it has lots of spoilers for the first book in the Mystery series.

The O Line Mystery Shorts, Book 2 (Dramatized)

It's probably not as fun to read the first book in that series after reading this short story, and finding out a lot of details about that adventure. View 2 comments. Aug 08, Derek Bradley rated it really liked it. Great Mystery Short It's hard to find a mystery story as good as the Hardy Boys, let alone in twenty pages! But Paul Moxham has done an excellent job both creating likeable characters and an engaging plot. I will definitely be reading more of the Mystery Series. Feb 11, niyah woodard added it.

This book was amazing I used to hate reading mystery books. Okay books period. But now i love read books! Hint if to make it more interesting read it one night at a time to keep you suspicious. Dec 08, kyla hloder rated it it was amazing. Interesting book!! Honestly I love this short story, it is very interesting. The reason why I put 5 stars is because it is so much fun to read and I love mystery books from Nancy Drew and Paul Moxham. Take my word for it and read it.

Jun 09, Kessler Potter rated it it was amazing. Great book I'll definitely read others like this.. It was amazing. This is the first short story I have ever read and it set high standards. Dec 05, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Lovely books A pleasure to read with my 8 year old son. We enjoyed following the children on another of their adventures x. Jun 28, Utkarsh rated it it was ok. Story was well written but it was predictable and it was not unique.

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Nothing excellent or outstanding about it. I guess its good for kids, hence, recommended to them. Feb 29, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: just-finished , goal-done. To Short I was looking forward to an adventure like the first mystery, and got a short story. The story was not bad but would have liked it at a deeper level. Apr 16, Inzelet rated it it was amazing. Short but still exciting! Looking forward to reading all of these adventures. Great job done I look forward to future books!

Jan 02, Sabine rated it really liked it Shelves: , read-with-lisa. Lisa says: It was a good mystery and my favourite person was Sarah. Joe did a very brave and dangerous thing to save his friends. Jul 28, Teresa Dellow rated it really liked it. Enjoyed it My child enjoyed reading this book and he now wants to read more in the series. I would recommend this book. Dec 29, Mish rated it liked it Shelves: My 12 year old self enjoyed this book! PS: I got this for free on Amazon.

Dec 30, Wanda Hartzenberg rated it really liked it. Fun and perfect for the given age group. Also cleverly written not ever underestimating the reader, not even the more grown up reader. Feb 24, Carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , short-stories , grandchildren , read , children , britain.

Set in 's Britain, a good, clean mystery for children ages 9 to Book one of a ten in the Mystery Series short stories. Mar 16, Vishwanth rated it liked it. Good book for kids ,,. Dec 11, Crystal rated it really liked it. Good quick read. I was quite surprised at the amount of action and adventure packed into such a short story.

This would be an excellent adventure book for children aged about Will is a local boy who knows the area very well. One day, when exploring the local castle, they hear the story of the Dobson Twins, brothers who broke into a back and stole a large amount of money. They were actual Good quick read. They were actually caught hiding out in the little village. While exploring the castle, Sarah loses her bracelet, but doesn't notice until the are building a sand castle on the beach. After the waves destroy their sandcastle the group head back to the castle to find the bracelet.

While there they come across the Dobson Twins and a bag full of money Will the group be able to escape from the castle and make it to safety? Doing that from the safety of my own existence in the U. The best I can do is to imagine what it must feel like to be displaced. This is what I imagined. It begins with not having a place to live.

Before the war, urban Syrians lived in solid houses. Living in a tent camp is as bad as things can be. Ahmadi lives in a small tent next to other refugees. Privacy is non-existent. The next thing is the lack of money. Syrian refugees, unlike many others in the world, managed tap into their savings before they left, but paying for transport, bribes, etc.

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Finding work to supplement the meager support form charities is crucial. Without a work permit, that means entering the informal labor market and that means working lousy jobs for even lousier pay. Sweatshop work abounds for Syrian refugees in Turkey and agricultural work is just as bad. Wages are low and, given their undocumented status, cheating and exploitation abound. Ahmadi experiences that first hand at the vineyard where she picks grapes. Educational opportunities are scarce and the language of instruction is Turkish, not Arabic.

The Mystery of the Missing Money

There are some special schools for refugee kids but those are usually in the official camps. Youths skip school, roam the streets, beg, and sometimes get in trouble. Many Turkish citizens have gotten tired of the Syrian refugees. There are after all 3. The treatment has gotten frostier than it was in the initial days. Imagine all this and then imagine having to navigate that. Everything you knew is gone, you may have lost some or all of your loved ones.

You are destitute and your education and degrees mean nothing anymore. What little you have could be stolen any moment. And on top of it, everyone expects you to be grateful. All this is only a very partial, rough approximation of what it must be like to live as a refugee. No matter which side you are on in the immigration issue—and this essay will, in no way, be political—America is a country of immigrants.

And mystery fiction has often explored the issue of immigrants through stories about newly arrived foreigners, anxious to make the United States their home, to those who are undocumented. Here are some mysteries that include immigrants in their solid plots. The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson.

The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. Cops and gangsters as well as white and black families fuel the three novels that begin in Boston, move to Tampa and, finally Cuba. Hunters in the Dark by Lawrence Osborn.

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A young Englishman loses himself in Cambodia and Thailand to escape his life as a small-town teacher. The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen. The anonymous narrator was a North Vietnamese mole in the South Vietnamese army who embeds himself in the exiled South Vietnamese community in the United States.

Won the Edgar Award for best first novel. Bad Country by C. Arizona bounty hunter and private detective Rodeo Grace Garnet is hired by an elderly Indian woman whose grandson was murdered. The evocative setting is filled with a rough landscape where undocumented immigrants are crossing the Sonoran Desert. Nominated in for an Edgar Award for best first novel.

Broken Windows by Paul D.

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A sequel to the Shamus-winning White Heat, Broken Windows is set in during California's Proposition , which was an anti-illegal alien initiative. The Foreigner by Francie Lin. A Taiwanese American financial analyst travels from San Francisco to Taipei to scatter his mother's ashes and re-establish contact with his brother, who inherited the family hotel and is involved with the Taiwanese criminal underworld. Asylum City by Liad Shoham.

A look at the immigration policies in Tel Aviv, a destination for asylum seekers from Africa. The Jasmine Trade by Denise Hamilton. Several years ago, I wrote a feature about gay sleuths for the Sun Sentinel , the newspaper for which I worked for 29 years. The following list is culled from my previous story and a list that author Greg Herre n has been posting on Facebook page and on his blog.

At the end of June, Herren plans to post his entire list. George Baxt —Baxt apparently had the first openly gay male detective to be published by a major publisher, a character named Pharoah Love, who appeared in A Queer Kind of Death in After a string of novels, Love disappeared until he was brought back in 's A Queer Kind of Love after a year hiatus. The Love series never really caught on. John Copenhaver —his novel Dodging and Burning was one of the top debuts during It is as much a coming-of-age story as it is a coming-out tale.

Robert W. Katherine V. Forrest —has written about homicide detective Kate Delafield since Joseph Hansen —remains a touchstone in gay mysteries. His series about Dave Brandstetter debuted with Fadeout in A low-key insurance investigator, Brandstetter was a likable character who approached his work in a professional manner and had relationships with men. Before his last appearance in 's A Country of Old Men , Brandstetter had attracted a large cross-section of readers.