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What Is EFT Tapping? 5-Step Technique for Anxiety Relief

Encourages teens to seek emotional support from other adults, school counselors, and youth support groups such as Alateen, and provides a resource list. It Feels So Bad: It Doesn't Have To Provides information about alcohol and drug addiction to children whose parents or friends' parents might have substance abuse problems. Advises kids to take care of themselves by communicating about the problem and joining support groups such as Alateen. Describes the emergency department treatment process, lists questions to ask about follow-up treatment, and describes how to reduce risk and ensure safety at home.

Explains how family therapy sessions are run and who conducts them, describes a typical session, and provides information on its effectiveness in recovery. And that can be the case even if they have tapped every day.

What Can You Use Tapping Therapy For?

So for these clients tapping usually needs to be combined with other things in order to lift the energy sufficiently to keep their head above water for long enough for them to catch their breath and begin to regain sufficient energy to swim for shore! Most people working with large numbers of depressed clients in clinical practice agree that the rapid results that tapping achieves on anxiety-based problems are usually not achieved in the same way on depression, other than cases of mild depression. So, hey, if you are feeling a bit down, give it a go.

You Don’t Have to Be Depressed! Science Shows EFT Tapping Successfully Treats Depression

If it works for you, great. That will feel like an insult to those people who are truly depressed. And if any readers have been depressed for some time and want to give it a go just to prove me wrong, I encourage you to do so and write about your experiences below. By the way, I am NOT depressed about working with depressed clients, nor am I negative about the chances of getting results. Tapping on its own rarely works with severely depressed clients, and here I am referring to those stronger and more clinical forms of depression which are characterised by intense periods of darkness and heaviness, very black feelings and even blacker thoughts, low energy, deep sadness and despair, disrupted sleep patterns, low or no motivation, among other things.

Their energy system is overwhelmed, and their brain chemistry is completely awry.

EFT Meridian Tapping for Depression - Dr. Kim D'Eramo

Now tapping CAN be a huge part of a successful approach, and since using the continual tapping approach of SET and having people tap on a daily basis my results using tapping with depression are far superior to when I was just using EFT. However, in most cases of moderate to severe depression, tapping is not enough on its own, even if clients do tap every day. In no particular order, some combination of the following can help:. Good therapy with a skilled therapist or practitioner with experience in treating depression and the capacity to connect with you in a way that you feel understood and safe and held.

IMO the therapist needs to see the client through until they are able to function well over time. Good therapy with or without tapping addresses not only the despair, but the roots of this in past trauma and negative future projections…. Daily SET tapping in order to help the energy to lift and stay lifted. Tap every morning and night and inbetween and add tapping to your daily routine.

Get enough of it happening and you will be doing something which may progressively help to lift your mood as over time the benefits can accumulate and build. And combine this with…. Other people. Friends, families and faiths have for centuries done most of the real therapy. We need other people and the key here is to find people who can help your energy to lift. To get your energy to lift you are going to need a steady diet of people who will help you.

Asking for their help and accepting it can be an issue to work on in therapy! Medical diagnosis and possibly antidepressants. This is a hugely contentious issue as people hate the idea of going to the doctor and detest the idea of drugs. A good medical diagnosis will rule out other things such as thyroid problems which can be upsetting your general balance and mood. I want to go on record that I dislike drugs but not as much as I hate to see people suffering. Good nutrition. Best advice is to find someone who will commit to doing it with you.

If you can keep it up for a couple of months or more there is usually a compounding effect with increased production of good things like endorphins and a suppression of stress chemicals …. The main thing is to accept that as long as you are still feeling depressed it means you still need further help, accept that it is out there but may take time and a few blind alleyways before you find the unique combination that works for you.

Persist even though at times you may feel that all is lost, realise people can and do overcome this condition and you can to be in that category. Hi Ed, Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, we have definitely worked with depressed people on any significant emotional traumas from their past. We may also encourage them to engage in other factors known to lift mood and attempt to reengage them with social supports. If these factors alone lead to a lift in mood that is sustained, well and good, however in our experience for those with moderate to severe clinical depression this is often not enough and therefore other interventions, such as medical which might include medication should be considered.

In regards your personal experience of classical acupressure lifting mood more than tapping on acupoints, this is not our general experience, in fact, we find the reverse more often true, however we encourage clients to stimulate the points in any way that works for them, whether that be by tapping, holding, gently pressing, or other. This, together with tapping, good therapy, and whatever else might be helpful for a particular client, can be a good addition to gaining results.

Best wishes to you in your continued research, Steve Wells. According to research, people experiencing severe depression very often have a history of emotional trauma, and according to Sapolsky a severly depressed person is in a state of very high stress eventhough they might just look lazy and tired. And also new rat studies show how a couple of days of stress can make it so that the nucleus accumbens stops producing dopamine and the rats end up depressed for 3 months.

I would also add- that in my personal experience I am not severly depressed - good old classical acupressure is way more effective at lifting mood compared to just tapping on acu-points, and Michael Reed Gach mentions in his acupressure for emotional healing book that he usees acupressure with depressed clients. Great article Steve, completely agree that with chronic clinical depression we cannot just zap it away with a bit of tapping, and the therapeutic relationship, exercise, nutrition, support from other people etc are all vital components in healing and recovery.

My colleague Andy Hunt who incidentally was the first to comment on this article! Thank you Steve for writting this. Thank you because you remind something I tend to forget: I am a new practitioner I began 18 months ago and I have many clients. The results are mostly good. So, I thought I was not good enough. Actually, you remind clearly that a good therapy, with the number of hours it means, keeps being the way to deal with certain kind of issues. The problem is: if you have teachers who are not therapist, but only tecniciens, you may forget part of your job. Hi Francesco, I am interested in what produces results and I am always open to an approach that will produce real results.

In fact, I have been using EFT and other Energy Techniques on depression and other issues for 14 years now and if it had not been for the fact that I spent the first few years ASSUMING that EFT alone should produce results better than it actually does in practice with depression then perhaps I would have explored other modalities earlier. The fact is that my biases against drug therapy for many years actually prevented me from exploring that as a treatment with many clients. I think one should remain open to all possibilities of helping clients, however I want to see evidence of results before I will try just anything.

There are so many approaches which claim to cure depression and which when put to the test do not, and this includes many of the alternative therapies and approaches which scream the loudest against medical approaches. In fact, there is at least as much closed-mindedness in the alternative healing area in my experience than in the traditional area.

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I say this and I also consider myself firmly in the alternative camp. However, my first commitment is towards results, which is why I was led to reluctantly conclude, against my original inclinations, that for some people with depression, drugs can be a life-saver. I remain committed to finding the best, most life-enhancing forms of treatment for depression.

Until the time that we have a truly effective natural treatment that works for all, I will use whatever combination treatment works for each client I work with. So beliefs should never ultimately hinder a really effective treatment…. Wonderful shift experience. Hi Steve, I have been following this thread with great attention, as I am running a course on skills for families with bipolar disorder.

In this course on the second day I am teaching them level 1 EFT. I have had some remarkable success in using EFT along with other modalities in times of crisis,eg imminent suicide. The hard part is to get the client to realize that by tapping on their challenges when they are feeling fine, they can lesson the amplifying of emotions that a downward swing produces. Thank you, Steve for talking about depression …and thank you Terri for speaking. My heart goes out to you. This is all I can say. Depression can isolate us so it is good to be acknowledging it when so many are affected.

Steve your advice is useful and practical and very welcome and does not fall into the category I allude to below. My personal experience is that people offering positive advice on behaviour usually makes the depression feel much worse when the recipient of the advice finds they cannot respond to it yet feels they should be able to. Most well meaning people do not understand this so they keep trying!

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It seems to increase the isolation. Looking into the mirror, I imagine that trying to say I am soooo?! Well, if one who is really depressed can bear to look into their own eyes in the mirror.. I just love saying to myself in the mirror each morning. Dorothy you are sooooooo loved. It knocks away the false talk of doubt which we all suffer from at times. I am not convinced that it will work on a client who is suffereing severe depression. I truly believe that depression in all it forms is caused by trauma of the worst kind, usually in childhood or infancy. If we cant get to the core problem to enable a successful and permanent recovery, we should look to other modalities of energy healing.

As therapists we tend to think we have failed if we cannot heal the mentally wounded. At the moment this is my experience. I am waiting the outcome of results from the therapist I have referred my client on to. Whether it came from me or another therapist I know success is around the corner. I am glad I have been humble enough to admit I dont know it all and by doing so have given a wounded soul freedom from the chains of depression. Hi Steve, Thanks for this article. As a psychologist I see many clients who are clinically depressed. As well as the range of interventions already mentioned by yourself and others, I have also found that some people respond well to creative therapies, like art or even creating a garden.

I find tapping can help to break down barriers to making healthy choices, such as getting started with eating well, exercising, taking the medication if necessary, even showering and dressing appropriately. But with true clinical depression it is still a long process, often with significant emotional growth and development taking place. Tapping can be an important part of this, but not the whole answer. Another important aspect is the therapeutic relationship itself, and for some clients a relatively longterm healthy one-sided relationship with their therapist is what they need most, until they are ready to move on and are no longer depressed.

Steve, Yes, clinical studies and extensive followup would be nice.

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Since this simple tapping phrase takes minutes, with no negative effects, and has potential for substantial benefit for those who suffer from depression, it is certainly worth trying. As I said earlier, I would love to see it help more people. Thanks Steve! Hi Valerie, Thanks for participating in this discussion. I do think we all need to really follow up with clients who are depressed to check if our treatments have held beyond our initial results.

If you are working with clients who are really depressed in a clinical sense depressed longer than 6 months, etc , and you are following up with them and a significant number of them are still not depressed then I am interested in talking more about what you are doing beyond just repeating this statement…. Thanks Steve for your honesty. I suggest everybody to look into THe Healing Codes to find out about this. I have been practicing tapping for many things with good results and I love it but my old ever present if sometimes in disguise depression also inherited never really lifted till I started practicing The Healing Codes.

I need to add that I have been all my life on a very healthy diet, always took supplements and I am very active, love moving my body and at age 60 not a pound overweight and have no health issues. Thanks everybody for their contribution. Hi Steve, I am the person who wrote the article. Please be open to possibilities. You said you showed it to one of your clients and she dismissed the idea. Did she actually try it?

I have worked with this tapping phrase hundreds of times over the last ten years. It really does help those suffering from depression to begin the recovery process. They begin to believe that they could, in fact, be happy. Of course, more tapping and support should follow. All of the ideas that you mention are also excellent to promote further clearing.