Manual Masculinities in Transition (Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences)

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Professor Raewyn Connell - The University of Sydney

We are currently carrying out three projects on slavery and bonded labour supported by the Freedom Fund. This work is jointly directed by Danny Burns and Pauline Oosterhoff. Slavery and bondage remain major issues, particularly in this part of the world. There is an increasing body of knowledge, recognition of activists and media attention associated with them. But we do not know how many slaves there are. Others say there may be more than 14 million slaves currently in India.

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We aim to outline priority directions for future research on gender and sexuality in development, which are needed to advance our understanding of gender and sexuality in an increasingly unequal, polarised and volatile world. We also aim to build support and collaboration in this endeavour, with funders, policymakers, partners and colleagues, by outlining the key questions raised and recommended ways of approaching research to provide answers in support of transformative responses for social justice. The agenda represents the outcome of a nine-month collaborative effort building on lessons from global work by the Institute of Development Studies, partner organisations and networks over the past decade.

It draws in perspectives from external experts and policymakers through two small targeted surveys and expert interviews, as well as discussions and consultations at a range of events during For more than 40 years, IDS has been forging its well-earned reputation for progressive gender research, knowledge sharing and teaching.

12.1. The Difference between Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

IDS researchers at this year's Commission on the Status of Women highlight limitations of cash transfers in achivieving women's empowerment if not linked to adequate public services or infrastructure. IDS researchers attending this year's Commission for the Status of Women highlight limitations of cash transfers in achieving women's empowerment if they are not coupled with access to adequate public services and infrastructure.

The fact that women have achieved higher levels of political inclusion within low- and middle-income countries has generated much speculation about whether this is reaping broader benefits in tackling gender-based inequalities. This book uncovers the multiple political dynamics Gender and Sexuality.

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Key contacts. Heaphy, B. Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors. Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences.

Masculinities in Transition

The study of gender and sexuality has developed dramatically over recent years, with a changing theoretical landscape that has seen innovative work emerge on identity, the body and embodiment, queer theory, technology, space, and the concept of gender itself. There has been an increasing focus on sexuality and new theorizing on masculinities.

This exciting series will take account of these developments, emphasizing new, original work that engages both theoretically and empirically with the themes of gender, sexuality, and, crucially, their intersections, to set a new, vibrant and contemporary international agenda for research in this area. Share this.

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Showing 26 results. It examines the role of changing masculinities in …. With a particular focus on the under-researched phenomenon of the …. At its centre are Brazilian travesti migrants, assigned as male at birth …. It draws on data collected from interviews with 82 ….

Gender and Sexuality

It explores changes and continuities by examining generational differences, and attends to regional …. Book Women and Violence Widdows, H. This edited collection explores the agency of women who do violence and have violence done …. But who is seen and how? Are women still seen through a male gaze? This book explores the ….